Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dynamo (Kyiv) - Spartak (Moscow) 4:1

Dynamo Kyiv completely trounced Moscow's Spartak in Moscow


  1. what does the banner on the top picture say? (The one with blue writing on white).


  2. It says in Ukrainian "The capital of Kyiv Rus welcomes guests from the province."

    It's a jab at the guests from Moscow when they were in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukrainians are proud of the fact that Kyiv is twice as old as Moscow (1600 vs. 780 years old), and do not recognize Moscow's claims to Kyiv Rus heritage. Russia started from Moscow and Ukraine-Rus started from Kyiv. Since Moscow was nevertheless started by settlers from Ukraine-Rus, Ukrainians jokingly refer to them as the province. :)

    You can see a short history of Ukraine here:


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