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The number of Ukrainian dead in Holodomor

The question of Holodomor keeps being raised, again and again. One of the most frequent attempts to lessen the severity of the genocide is by arguing for a lower number of people who died from the Famine. Frequently it is stated that less than 3 million died from Holodomor in Ukraine.

These are Soviet population census figures for the top nationalities in the Soviet Union in 1926. The number of Russians rose by 21% in 11 years, showing a normal rate of growth, and the number of Ukrainians fell by 15%, showing a highly abnormal fall of population and resulting in the difference of 36% between Russians and Ukrainians, which corresponds to at least a 10 million decrease in the population of Ukraine within the same time period, assuming similar birth rates in Russia and Ukraine. In effect, in just 11 years the number of Russians vs. Ukrainians went from a ratio of 2:1 to a ratio of 3:1, which still holds today.

The only people who have suffered at least as heavily in the same time period are the Kazakhs, not so much from famine, but from forced resettlements and death marches of populations of entire areas of Kazakhstan. The Soviet state took the nomadic population of Kazakhs and forcibly resettled them into kolkozes. This should also qualify as genocide - of the Kazakhs. But in numerical terms, since the number of Ukrainians was so much greater than the number of Kazakhs, Ukrainians lost about 10 times as many people as the Kazakhs.

Additionally, the Soviet leadership, and Stalin in particular, were motivated to inflate the number of Ukrainians in the 1937 Soviet Census. It is a known fact that after they returned a number of Ukrainians that was too small for his liking, Stalin had the Census Director responsible for Ukraine executed, and ordered another Census in the territory of Ukraine, which came back with a higher number of Ukrainians.

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  1. Although it is very easy to establish that the Bolshevik party that seized control of Russia in 1917 was dominated by Jews, that it is in fact meaningful to describe the 1917 revolution as a Jewish coup, there are conceptual problems (as well as an immense burden of falsified history) that have obscured Jewish responsibility for the deeds of the revolution in its first generation. This is especially true of the mass murder of 60 million Christians. The mass murder of Christians by the Jewish Bolshevik government, now described by the Ukrainians as the Holodomor, is excused by the statement that since Stalin was not a Jew, it is meaningless to claim Jewish responsibility for the mass murder of Christians in the USSR. In effect, it is claimed that the Jews were just pawns and co-victims (the real victims!) of Stalin. (Efforts to claim that Stalin was a Jew, or a half Jew, are unconvincing.)

    The mass murder of Christians reached across the USSR and was not limited to the Ukrainians (as Solzhenitsyn accurately observed before his death). Russian Christians were also killed in immense numbers. Latvians, who fought with Germany against the Soviets after they were liberated by the Germans, saw their struggle as particularly a struggle against Soviet-Jewish power: For them, World War II was a race war with the Jews for control of Latvia: Jews won and then claimed to be the real victims.

    However, it is worth noting that Stalin was a member of a minority group, just like his successor Khrushchev. Notably, both Stalin and Khrushchev used their power against the defenseless Russians to transfer territory from Russia to their homelands: Stalin transferred Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Georgia; Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine. In both instances, it is clear that these minority leaders pursued anti-Soviet-Brotherhood-of-Nations policies that engorged their homelands on the lands of the Russians. That is, each pursued narrowly racist policies that victimized the Russians. (Similarly, in Latvia, Jews as a caste victimized Latvians as a people, and today innocent Russians suffer.)

    Of course, Stalin did not act alone. He did not personally march into villages and seize all the foodstuffs. He did not personally murder Ukrainian nationalists in Vinnytsia or Babi Yar. (Note: Babi Yar is claimed as a Jewish massacre site but American aerial photography of the site during and after the war shows vegetation consistent with mass burials only years before the German occupation.) In all of these operations, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Latvia, the Jewish-controlled security services (NKVD) conducted the ethnic cleansing operations against the Christians. (Similarly, "atheist" USSR closed over 99% of churches but less than 1% of synagogues.) The first generation of the security services were Jewish: Only as later generations of Jews emigrated to the United States and Israel would the security services be nationalized.

    In the murder of millions of Christians, Stalin did not act alone, but as the front man for a vast coalition of minorities, mainly Jews but some others (Stalin's post-Revolutionary power base was the Nationalities bureaus of the party and government). In effect, Stalin, as canny and deadly as he was, was merely the front man for the Jewish caste that seized power in Russia. His rule could be deadly for individual Jews, but Jews who were purged were replaced by younger more aggressive Jews (think of it as Trotsky's Permanent Revolution-in-Place.… Trotsky's ideology is, after all, only a justification for the struggle for power within the Jewish ruling caste on an age cohort basis). Individual Jews can die but the caste is immortal.

    Typically, only in the final stage of Jewish rule does an actual Jewish leader come to the fore, such as the murderous Bela Kun in Hungary, the murderous Matyas Rakosi in Hungary (again), or Nicolas Sarkozy in France (who has demanded that French-Christians intermarry with Africans to implement an autogenocide that would end "White Racism" in France forever--his presidency signals the Jewish retreat before French nationalism--and who has sent the French navy to blockade Gaza Strip in pursuit of Zionist genocidal ambitions against the Palestinians). Secrecy and dissimulation are the great weapons of the Jewish caste, and it requires an emergency to cast that veil aside. (Jewish presidential wives, surrounded by jostling crowds of the Jewish caste, generally signal secret Jewish rule, whether in Iceland or Guyana.)

    The rule of Stalin was Jewish rule of the USSR with a minority face, and whatever the cost to individual Jewish marxists, Jews were able to pursue a Jewish racial agenda without apology even to this day. So many of the problems of the FSU are the product of the inability of peoples of the region to confront this horrific history: the conflicts between Ukraine and Latvia and Georgia on the one hand, and Russian on the other, arise mainly from the oppression they shared under Jewish rule and Jewish-implemented Holocausts. Latvians were victimized by Jews and today they hate Russians as inheritors of the mantle of the USSR: As long as the United States serves Israel, Latvians dare not hate the Jews. Ukrainians were slaughtered (like Russians were slaughtered) by Jews, and yet neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians can face up to their terrible history, just yet. (If it is any consolation to Russians and Poles and Ukrainians, we Americans will face exactly the same kind of historical tragedy and crisis of historical memory as the mass murder and aggression perpetrated by the United States at the command of the Jewish ruling caste haunts the United States after the collapse of its superpower, in the Jewish wars of expansion in the Muslim world.)

    The Ukrainian nationalists who dream that ignoring their own history and hating Russians for the crimes of Jews will bring an avalanche of billions of American dollars will wait forever, penniless and dishonored. Poland and now Ukraine have forgiven Russia for the crimes of the Soviet era and stated that the current Russian state is not responsible for those crimes (like the Katyn Forest Massacre, carried out by Jews), but even such superhuman forgiveness is not enough: The Christian peoples of Eastern Europe deserve to have their shared Holodomor at the hands of the Jews recognized for what it is, the greatest mass murder in human history. The Poles and Czechs should realize that the only reason for placing the Neo-Con-Zionist designed Missile Defense system astride eastern Europe is to make any future nuclear war happen in Europe: The Missile Defense system may be a dead issue, as I have forecast for years (and as the Czech parliament has realized), because there will never be the money to build it-- but it will continue to poison relations between neighbors. Like the Neo-Con-Oligarch creation of Muslim statelets in Bosnia and Kosovo, the Neo-Con-Zionist Missile Defense system intends to create structural conflict within Europe, and to contribute to the destruction of European-Christendom.

    Similar, the presidency of Obama is merely Jewish rule of the United States with a minority face, and whatever the cost to individual Jewish Zionists, Oligarchs and Neo-Cons, Jews are able to pursue a Jewish racial agenda without apology every day. Obama's silence as the Jews massacred the Palestinians shows his powerlessness and captivity. He only speaks his mind when it supports a Jewish racial agenda, for example, applauding Brazilian Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (whose narrowly racist ideology demonizes the "whites with blue eyes", a hatred of European-Christians shared by Obama's Rev. Wright and most Jews). Obama may be able to give some goodies to his racial kin, just as Stalin did for Georgians and Khrushchev for Ukrainians, but the power is in the hands of Rahm Emmanual, the real president of the United States, and his ilk.

    Minority rule is always the rule of racial supremacists, and it is only established over defeated peoples. Whether it is Stalin, Bela Kun, Nicolas Sarkozy, or Barack Obama. While many Americans fear political violence and repression on the scale of the Holodomor, it is late in the day and the American state is fundamentally bankrupt and repression is very expensive: The Obama Presidency may see little more that the collapse of the American Empire in expanded wars for Israel while the Oligarchs loot the American economy to the ground, as Obama stands, Yeltsin-like, before his teleprompter, reading the answers written by his masters, stupified and enslaved.

    Perhaps when Russians, and Ukrainians and Poles and Latvians and so many others can come to terms with their history of suffering at the hands of the Jewish racial supremacist caste, they can teach we future post-Imperial Americans to understand our history. For it is a shared history, shared by one vast people of the Global North.

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  4. Yes, jews role was great in holodomor - about 60% of organizators were jews. But Americas role was interesting, too. Before holodomor America pays to Soviet goverment about jewish colony makeing in Ukraine. So jews rules USA before ww2? May be thats the reason why in Europe people still dont know about Holodomor and other mass killing activities - that would detroy holocoust industry, because jews procentuaaly are more with blood on hands that even Nazies.


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