Saturday, November 22, 2008

Communism Should Be Condemned By Humanity

It is my firm belief that both fascism and communism need to be condemned by humanity. Unfortunately, not all fascism was condemned. German fascism was fully condemned. But Japan never underwent the same process as Germany. Unlike Hitler in Germany, Emperor Hirohito of Japan stayed in power and many of the crimes of the Japanese in China (just read The Rape of Nanking for a horrific picture) and Korea were covered up.

The Koreans and the Chinese are demanding to this day that the Japanese acknowledge their crimes. And the Japanese keep stonewalling them and denying the truth in their history books.

The same thing is true about communism. It was never condemned and judged the way at least German Nazism was. And many of the individuals who committed horrific crimes in Soviet years are living to their ripe old age in Moscow, given high state awards by the Russian government and treated as heroes of Russia. And the Russian public never learns the truth of what they did and the propaganda glosses it over as "something they had to do for their homeland". No wonder surveys in Russia show that the Russians think that Stalin was the greatest Russian in history!

The same thing goes for the symbols of Fascism and Communism. For some reason, while it's seen as wrong to wear a fascist cross, the symbols of hammer and sicle and the CCCP shirts are seen as a popular fashion item, in Russia and in the West. The same thing goes for the Che Guevarra t-shirts. Che Guevarra was a murderer who killed millions of people, including women and children. To celebrate him as an admirable symbol is at best obtuse.

The world needs to fully deal with Communism and condemn its utopian inhumanity and brutality.

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