Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ukraine's Film Industry Struggling to Survive

I think Ukraine's film industry has been given a boost by a Ukrainian court order that required the Ukrainian dubbing or subtitling of all films shown in Ukraine. This will give a boost to Ukrainian actors, or at least the Ukrainian voice actors.

The Russian film industry is nothing compared with Hollywood or Bollywood, but it's definitely ahead of the Ukrainian film industry. One of the reason is that the Russian government has made major cash infusions to produce politically correct propaganda movies about "Great Russian history". The other is that Russia's economy is ahead of Ukraine's, thanks to oil and sooner reforms. And the third reason is that the Ukrainian market is simply 3 times smaller.

Here's to hoping the Ukrainian film industry can survive and someday become something like the French film industry in France. And why not? Ukraine is a similar sized country and has a very attractive culture.

And it's beyond argument that Ukraine has very attractive people, both male and female! :)

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