Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dining near Chornobyl attracts British TV show
Dining near Chornobyl attracts British TV show

The Age newspaper of Melbourne, Australia, put the spotlight Oct. 30 on the BBC-produced TV program "Cooking in the Danger Zone." Naturally, TV host Stefan Gates found his way to Chornobyl, site of the world's worst nuclear power accident in 1986.

"This week's series return sees him traipse around Chornobyl, Geiger counter in hand, to meet Ukrainians flaunting dire health warnings to continue to live within the 'zone of alienation' around the stricken nuclear power plant," according to the newspaper. "A combination of necessity, ignorance and stolid fatalism has seen peasants move back illegally into the area, in which wildlife has ironically flourished since the 1986 accident."

Gates sets his sites on the nearby town of Slavutych and, according to The Age, "finds himself swayed by the combined powers of a toothless babushka, her alcoholic husband and a stoic bunch of Ukrainian men, to taste food cultivated deep within the contaminated zone."

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