Saturday, November 22, 2008

How Many Ukrainians Died in the Holodomor?

The demographic data from the Soviet Union can only suggest the lowest number. Going by the Soviet data, the lowest possible number is 5 million dead. And we know the Soviets had reason to inflate post-Holodomor numbers, so the number is likely higher. Besides that, Ukraine had one of the highest birth rates in Europe in the 20th century, so between the dates of the Censuses, the population should have grown, just as it did in Russia.

If we assume that under normal conditions the population of Ukraine should have grown with rates similar to the population of Russia, then Ukraine's population should have increased by 20% in the span of 11 years between the Soviet censuses. Since the population of Ukraine actually decreased by 16%, then the actual difference is 36%.

So, it is reasonable to conclude based on this data that Ukraine lost about a third of its population to Holodomor, which is over 10 million victims.

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